A downloadable game for Windows

This action platformer game is based on a fake NES tribute video for the John Wick movie for what might've looked like if a NES game was released back in the day.

The tribute video was made by @Danilo_Noites and @Dominic_Ninmark and the art assets were made available for free use by anyone.

The game was made by @MuriloDev

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art, tribute


John Wick_V1.3.zip 20 MB

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bom, ainda nn sai da fase 1, mas to achando incrível, parabéns muito bom! 

Hello, i liked this game. I wanted to ask if this finished game already, since there is screenshot with level 1-10 , but game finishes at 1-5 (boss on roof, and then we see dog), so i wonder if we see continuation one day?

Glad you like it! As a matter of fact, yes there'll be more levels in a update I was  working on since many people asked for more. I'm kind caught up now with other stuff but it will be released eventually :)  

One thing i will say that even though i absolutely love this. The sound design. There is no reason for certain sound effects to be SO LOUD. Please keep that in mind.

Thanks! glad you like it! I'll definitely consider your feedback and revise those sounds haha.

This game Sir.. was awesome :D


Thank you man!! Glad you like it.

Muy buen juego aunque su dificultad no perdona errores, por lo que podría pasar perfectamente como cualquier juego de finales de los ochenta sin mucha dificultad.

He escrito una review sobre el en mi blog: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2019/11/indie-review-john-wick-neslike-tribute.h...

Thanks, man :D

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(Gameplay video below with commentary but first, a short review :) )

First off, let me just say that I love the design of this game! Definitely made me feel like I was playing a NES game for sure. I liked the enemies in the game and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to go through the available levels too.

The only issues I had was first the helicopter because it felt when it charged at me, if I jumped, it knocked me off the platform and if I just stayed there and crouched, it would knock me off as well.

The last issue I have is that it felt a bit too challenging, even on "Easy" for some reason. I have a feeling it's me and not the game due to me not being used to platformers but this really was a good game tbh and the best John Wick game we can get for now :D

Definitely recommend, 4.5/5

Wow thanks a bunch! Glad you liked it :) And thanks for the short review and video.

You are so welcome! I hope my review came out to be just right and not too criticizing but at least more positive than anything :D

Ola, em qual game engine esse jogo foi feito?



Un Juego muy bueno que te lleva al pasado, es bastante entretenido y dificil a la vez lo que termina dando una experiencia de Felicidad y emocion al completarlo, un juego muy recomendado de mi parte y un muy buen fan made.
sin mas que decir me despido con el final del juego.
Atte: BotBondrewd.

Thank you!


It's a really hard game but it's fun!

Good! Thanks!


It is so fun to play it

Thanks! That's the intention :)

Brutally difficult even on easy.

This is a true NES game.

Hey nice! You got far. Yeah, not so easy haha


Saudações! Achei o jogo bem interessante, só não gostei muito do fato do personagem só atirar em pé. Sobre jogos estilo NES, recomendo verificar o Cyber Shadow. Abraços!


Oi, Obrigado! Até pensei em permitir atirar aguachado, mas ficaria muito fácil, ou teria que mudar a I.A. dos inimigos, direção que eles atiram, ter que fazer novos sprites etc escolhi deixar um design simples de acordo com os sprites em geral.

Conheço esse Cyber Shadow, não vejo a hora de jogar!

John Wick is a movie copyrighted character I believe. But your game is free so it's all cool.

I'm having a problem with USB controllers (Dinput).  When shooting while not moving, Wick shoots diagonal up.  Even when crouching.  He will only shoot straight during a jump and shoot.  Same issue either w/ith Retro-bit Saturn controller or PS Classic controller.  Any workaround?

Pretty weird! Have you tried the new version (1.3)? It fixes controller issues. 

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Yes, I am using v1.3.  It seems to be a problem with all the Dinput controllers I have. Shoots up without pushing up.  I tried recently the Genesis Mini controller, also same issue.  You don't see a problem with Dinput controllers?  Xinput controllers seem to work fine.


Olá, Murilo. ;) Vocês estão de parabéns. A única coisa que faltou, conceitualmente falando, em relação ao John Wick, é colocar algum movimento de ''gun-fu'' que lhe dá personalidade nos filmes: algum golpe de contato como aquele de agarrar as pernas do oponente, rolar no chão e dar lhe um tiro a queima-roupa. Ou as facadas. ;)

Tecnicamente, tive problemas com a configuração dos botões, mas nada de mais.

De resto, um forte abraço para você e sua equipe de desenvolvedores. Sempre costumo exibir os videos de gameplay dos jogos que vocês produzem nas minhas aulas na faculdade. É sempre bom motivar os alunos e demonstrar que, com talento e dedicação, todos podem ter seu lugar ao sol. E que esse lance de ''dizer que brasileiro não faz bons games'' é pensamento velho e sem sentido. ;)

Oi Helder! Muito obrigado!! Sim, faltou essas coisas mesmo, "gun-fu" etc mas a intenção e desafio era fazer o joguinho só com os assets que disponibilizaram :) 

Obrigado por fazer essa diferença no Brasil e motivar os alunos. A Joymasher me inspira também :)

O jogo parece ser ótimo, mas os controles não são ajustáveis e ainda tem um delay de alguns segundos quando faço a ação pra andar (que só funciona no analógico), uso o joystick do Xbox One.

Tenta essa versão nova (1.3) por favor. Ela conserta problemas de joystick!

Nossa, eu sou muito retardado e não vi a sua resposta (por que não fico muito logado no itch.io, já que acompanho as coisas daqui deslogado mesmo),mas meu novo feedback é que o joystick do xbox one agora nem pega mais kkkk, só o teclado, mas pelo menos ele ta funcionando perfeitamente.

Vou prestar mais atenção nas notificações daqui pra não responder só em 2021 kkkkkkk.


Годная игра, было сложно даже на легкой сложности :) 

Так держать! :)

Hey you beat it! Cool! Thanks :)


Apparently - a great game! But I can't change the settings in the control button. Very sorry

Try downloading the latest version (1.3) please. It. should fix controller issues.

Is there a possibility of having a Linux version of this game? It looks great :-)

Very unlikely for now, sorry :(

Ok, thanks for replying.

work fine with wine 5.0, only  fulscreen not work. ERROR: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

Good to know, thanks!

 Awesome game so far, works on my keyboard. Just wondering does it work with an Xbox 1 controller?

  I have an arcade stick that reads as an xbox 1 controller, I can jump and shoot but I can't move with the joystick though, any suggestions?

 Thanks man

Thanks! I haven't tested on a real xbox controller, just some virtual software. So I'm not even sure, still working on it.


Works great thanks a lot, great game man

I would really appreciate it if you guys made a mac version of the game. Thx :)

Unlikely for now :( sorry



We want translate your game on russian language! Free! Please, write on mail - dontmasta@gmail.com

Appreciate the offer. But that would require an effort I can't do right now as the engine doesn't support Russian characters. 

So sorry to hear that.  Your game has aroused great interest among Russian gamers.  We hope that in the future you will be able to add support for Russian characters in the game and we will be able to make a translation.  At any time, when it will be possible, you can write to us and we will do it for free.

Hey good to know Russians liked it :) I'll be sure to look for you when I go back to the game (or another project) and add support for that! Thank  you so much for the offer! I do have plans to support other languages!

Nice! Ok, friend!


The game is breathtaking! I love how it has some kind of puzzle elements in it and it's not just about killing and dodging bullets but you have to use the environment to beat the game. But also it's a bit of a trial and error. Cool stuff! We need more!

Thanks!! Glad you like it, man!

Please add a way to map every gamepad input. My PC detects multiple gamepads and i am unable to map my movements to the actual pad i want to use. 

Working on it :) can you tell me if you're using a DInput controller or XInput (xbox) controller?

I am using a DInput controller (PS4 Dualshock) to emulate an XInput device.  The problem is I use my phone as a PC remote and it also has an emulated controller that is the primary input. If I could manually bind up, down, left, and right it wouldn't be an issue

It can't be played with keyboard :(

You can change it in options using the mouse or arrow keys+ENTER. It's defaulted to a gamepad but I'll change that in next version :) 


muito bom kkk


=( dont work in my pc... can{t play 


It's defaulted to a gamepad (will change that in next version) but you can change it in options using the mouse or arrow keys+ENTER


can you make an NES version of this game?

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Not at all. I don't have the skills and NES can't handle what's currently in there :)


Can u help me make an avgn themed game that's NES style?


Sorry, no

i made a choice based game using batch code


you are breathtaking

Thank you!

How to? (missing exe)

Sorry, made a mistake! Fixed. It's there now!

Really well done game, good job!

Thanks man!